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Colin Judge is known for defying the odds time and time again. Colin, born without legs and one arm, has seen great success in his life, becoming a Paralympic Table Tennis Player, Motivational Speaker, and Actuarial Analyst. Colin is currently preparing for the paralympic games this August in Tokyo.


I just wanted to be able to build my dream controller. I believed that my inability to play games was for no other reason than that gaming was inaccessible and had nothing to do with my disability.

Paul Diskin

Paul Diskin has worked for the past 17 years in the IT industry as a senior technician. Paul has from Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects the muscles in his left hand.


Rian was born in 2010 and unfortunately suffered a brachial plexus injury during his delivery. Also known as Erb’s Palsy, this has resulted in his right arm being paralysed, with no finger function in his right hand.

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