Getting Started

Here’s what you need to know to start assembling your very own ByoWave controller



Works with PC, MAC and XBox

Reconfigure whenever you like

Use the Companion app to remap buttons

Designed for all gamers

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Test Kit + Working Controller

Purchase our test kit to assemble yourself in a way that best suits your needs

Zoom consultation with a member of our team to discuss your controller options

We will then send you out a working controller



Working Controller

 Test kit not included

 Build your controller using our Web Tool Builder

 Zoom consultation with a member of our team to discuss your controller options

 We will then send you out a working controller



Our Testers

Colin Judge – Paralympic table tennis player and motivational speaker

Joann O’Riordan – Irish activist and sports journalist


Rian is 10 years old and is currently testing out the controller

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this controller different from other controllers available?

    This is a fully customisable controller which can be built in any way you like. Each of the parts can be moved around and click together like lego. 

  • Is the controller just for people with disabilities?

    The controller can be used by both people with disabilities and able-bodied people. Anyone can use our controllers and customise them to best suit your needs and fully optimise your gaming experience.

  • How many different ways can the controller be customised?

    The controller can be customised as many different ways as possible

  • Is the controller suitable for someone with arthritis?

    Yes it is suitable for someone with arthritis as it can be built in a way that is most comfortable for the user

  • Is the controller available on Xbox?

    Yes the controller is available on XBox

  • Is the controller available on PlayStation

    It is not currently available on PlayStation but we hope to have it in the future

  • Can the controller be used with one hand

    Yes the controller can be designed in a way where it can be played one-handed

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