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Brandon Blacoe (CEO) & Eibhlin O’Riordan (CMO)

Launch Dates: 

Beta – 30th November 2021

Final Product – 2022

Beta – $145USD / €129

Final – $199USD / €169 

Beta – PC, Android, iOS
Final – PC, Android, iOS, Xbox




Brief Product Description

The Beta Proteus Controller Kit is a modular, accessible and customizable video game controller for disabled gamers. 

The Beta version of the Proteus Controller Kit launched on the 30th of November 2021 for €129.

The kit works just like Lego, it is made up of modular parts that connect together allowing everyone build their own way to play.

Each kit comes with everything you need to play. It has 27 modular components that connect together easily using our advanced patent-pending connection mechanism allowing everyone to build their own way to play.  The kit comes with 6 more buttons than a generic controller allowing for even more customization and improved performance.

Contents of the Kit:
Mother Cube x2, Analog Cube x2, Straight Spacers x2, Edge Spacers x2, Left & Right Handles x1. Home Button / 5 Button Peripheral x1, Four Button Peripheral x2, Two Button Peripheral x2, One Button Peripheral x2, Plugs x9, USB-C Cable, Removal Tool, Instruction Manual.

Proteus Controller Features

  • (Beta) Works on PC, iOS, Android
  • (Final) Works on PC, iOS, Android, Xbox
  • Build and rebuild your controller
  • Connect modules (cubes, spacers and peripherals) together at 12 different angles
  • Body modules connect electromechanically
  • Body modules disconnect with easy release mechanism 
  • Peripherals connect electromagnetically
  • Peripherals disconnect with simple tool
  • USB-C wired communication and charging
  • BLE 4.2 Bluetooth communication
  • LEDs in each female connector of the Mother Cubes and Analog Cubes
  • (Final) Programmable LEDs
  • Battery – 560 mAh per Mother Cube
  • Battery life – 3+ hours per Mother Cube
  • Can combine multiple Mother Cubes into controller configuration for longer battery life
  • Connects to companion phone app over BLE 
  • (Beta) PLA 3D printed material using cutting edge advanced manufacturing methods
  • Spacers spread out and angle your cubes the cubes

Features of the Proteus Companion Phone App

Beta Version

  • Connect via Bluetooth to the controller
  • Remap buttons

Future Development

  • Show 3D visualization of your Proteus Controller configuration with
  • Show controller battery level
  • Link to your ByoWave account on our website
  • Share your configuration with the community from the app
  • Save remap game profiles
  • Save controller configurations

Features of the Proteus Online Controller Builder

Beta Version

  •  Account / User Profile
  • Build your own controller using our up-to-date modules in all configurations

Final Launch Version

  • Advanced User Profile – Games you play, impairments / disabilities, gamertag
  • Upload and share configurations with the community
  • Tag your configurations so others can know how you use your configuration (#one-handed, #casual, #FPS)
  • AI matchmaker matches you with community-built controllers to help you build a controller that works for you and your playstyle
  • Online & in-person tournaments
  • Rewards and achievement system based on how you engage with the community (i.e., upvoting controller configurations, using appropriate tags, engaging in tournaments, purchasing products) 


Established in June 2020 by CEO Brandon Blacoe and CMO Eibhlin (pronounced like Evelyn) O’Riordan in Galway, Ireland.

ByoWave’s Vision: Empower communities to bridge the gap across the digital world through our magical user experience and world class engineering without exceptions.

ByoWave’s Mission: Empowering our community to build their own solutions through our precision engineered assistive technology ecosystem. Initially our products and services will deliver for the global gaming market. We will scale to serve the metaverse at large.

Co-founders Brandon and Eibhlin were best friends when they were kids. Their favourite activity was playing video games together after school. Their favourite game was Shrek 2 on the PlayStation 2. They went to different schools and lost touch for about 15 years and lived their separate lives, but neither of them ever lost their love for gaming.  Brandon went on to UCD to study an undergrad in Biomedical Engineering and did a Masters in Electronic and Computer Engineering. Eibhlin studied an undergrad in Game Design in TUDublin.

They reconnected at the Global Game Jam in Dublin in January 2020 and built a game called ‘Goobender’ about a goo-bending blob of goo attempting to escape from procedurally generated dungeons. They wanted to reconnect with their childhood friendship and play video games together again, but Eibhlin was no longer able to play games with her friends anymore due to her disability.

Eibhlin has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) and when she was 14, she injured the nerves in her hand with glass and due to her condition, it never healed and she developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), ouch! Now she is unable to use her right hand for extended periods of time without experiencing a lot of pain. Eibhlin tried to play games with one hand, but she could not find a solution that worked for her. She spent a lot of time and money searching for a solution to her problem, but all she found was millions of other disabled gamers who were also struggling to find a controller that suited their needs. ByoWave estimates that there are 180 million disabled gamers worldwide who are struggling to find a controller that works for them due to the lack of accessible and modular input devices available on the market. Eibhlin studied game design with a focus on accessibility from the software side, but the main barrier to her accessing video games was inaccessible hardware and she was unable to find a solution. 

When Eibhlin told Brandon about her problem, he thought that ‘really sucks’ because he knew how much of an impact gaming has on his mental health and social life. Being an engineer with a passion for solving problems, Brandon was the first person to make that step to develop a solution to the problem of inaccessible input devices. 

Brandon and Eibhlin spent the next 6 months developing their idea and founded ByoWave in June 2020 and began working on a solution. ByoWave has always ensured that the product be developed for disabled gamers, by disabled gamers and have accessibility and inclusivity at the forefront of their business. Since founding they have spoken to 300 disabled gamers worldwide and have been working with charity organizations and occupational therapists to ensure that they develop a solution that actually works for people. They began developing a one-handed controller with modular buttons but quickly realized from speaking with the community that even those with similar impairments needed completely different solutions and they knew that the entire controller needed to be modular. Brandon came up with the idea of sending out modular Lego-like cubes to their testers so that they could build the shape they wanted, but then he realized, ‘wait…why don’t we just make the cubes the controller!’ and thus the Proteus Controller Kit was born.

At ByoWave we believe that everyone should have the power to build their own solution. The controller was named after the Greek God Proteus, a shape shifter. This not only represents the controller’s ability to have multiple shapes, but the user’s power to build it in any way that they like.

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Ireland +353 83 422 7664


ByoWave, IHUB, Old Dublin Road, Galway

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