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Colin Judge

Colin Judge is known for defying the odds time and time again. Colin, born without legs and one arm, has seen great success in his life, becoming a Paralympic Table Tennis Player, Motivational Speaker, and Actuarial Analyst. Colin is currently preparing for the paralympic games this August in Tokyo. However, his teenage years were quite challenging for Colin. He struggled to deal with his disability and lacked self-esteem. Despite this, Colin found he wanted to find a way to channel his negative feelings about his disability into something positive, which is when he discovered his passion for table tennis. He started playing tennis and it has been a big part of his life since then, boosting his confidence enormously and providing meaning to his life through some very difficult times. Colin has proved a fantastic success story as he will be representing Ireland this Summer.

Colin enjoys competing in more than just table tennis. Colin loved action and adventure games as a child, and although he could only play with one hand, he found a way to enjoy them. However, as time passed, he found that the controller he was using was putting a burden on his wrist, and he was no longer able to play the games he loved, which greatly disappointed him. With a new innovative modular game controller, we at ByoWave have been working with Colin to see how we could make a controller that suited his needs.

ByoWave has built a completely customisable modular video game controller for people like Colin and those with various disabilities that prevent them from fully enjoying the gaming experience. Using our kit, you can build your game controller out of cubes that snap together like Lego. We gave Colin Judge one of our tester kits to experiment with for him to get a feel for our concept. We were hoping that Colin would be able to come up with a game controller that suits his needs, it turns out he came up with two! 

Colins first solution (one handed with analog sticks at right angles)

Colins second solution (controller rigid against the ground in chocolate bar formation)

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