Slide Maximise your customisation 01. Connect the Cube-E companion phone app to your Cube-E controller to unlock the ultimate customisation features. Slide Remap buttons on your controller for maximum customisation.

Remap your controller. 02.
Slide Save game profiles. When you remap your controller you can save game profiles and upload them onto your Cube-E Controller. You can also share your game profiles on the ByoWave website and download game profiles that other users have made. 03.
Slide Save Cube-E Controller configurations. Cube-E controllers know what configurations they are in so you can save the configurations to your app for later, making it even easier to try out different configurations with your favourite games.

The Cube-E app will give you a tutorial on how to put it together again just in case you forget!
Slide Combine with our webtool Share Cube-E configurations online and see what others are making 05.
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