We were ecstatic to have been selected winners in the EIT mass manufacturing and customisation deep hack using 3d printing on the 4th to the 6th of December. The competition consisted of showing a business application for Paramate, a software solution that lets developers easily create a 3d model editing interface for consumers. The 3d […]

Hey guys, As you know we have been preparing for our Kickstarter. This involves trying to build up our presence in the media and we are super exited to have been featured in the Imirt Newsletter this month! Imirt is the Irish game makers association and it has been an honour to be recognised as […]

Hey guys, Recently we have been working hard preparing for our Kickstarter campaign. We’ve been doing a lot of research and testing out different marketing and sales techniques through our social medias, and have been trying to steadily build a following in preparation for our launch. We have been getting our creative juices flowing by […]

Hey Guys, This is our first blog post so we thought that we would share our story and why we decided to start our company ByoWave. Our original team of four first got together at the Global Game Jam 2020 in Dublin. We spent 72 hours making our first game together and had so much […]

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