Survey on Gaming During Lockdown

We have conducted a survey on gaming and mental health. We wanted to share our interesting results which are all about how people have been finding the lockdowns, their mental health, and most importantly if they believe that video games can be beneficial to mental health in this time. We had different participants complete the survey, they were broken into the following age brackets: under 18, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, and 55-64. The highest age bracket was 18-24 which in total was 90% of the responders. 

The next question we asked was “How often do you play video games”. 35% of people responded that they play “every day” while 37.5% said they play “a few times a week”. This shows us that the majority of responders do play video games on a very regular basis. They also spend an average of 1-3 hours a day playing these games. Only 2.5% said they play for over 7 hours in the day.

Next, we wanted to get an idea of exactly why people play video games. 57.5% of people told us that they play “For fun” which shows that video games are a fun hobby that people enjoy. “Because my friends do”, “To be connected with people”, and “Because I’m bored” all had even responses with 12.5%. Playing video games can be very beneficial for meeting new people, having conversations with people with common interests and overall feeling less isolated. 

As many people are off work or school and having more free time in lockdown means people are playing much more video games than they previously would have. 80% of participants said they have been playing more video games due to lockdowns and 20% said they have not.

As mental health is a very important topic at the moment due to COVID and lockdowns, we wanted to get an idea of if many people actually feel their mental health has been impacted. Our survey found that 79% of the participants said that their mental health has been impacted by COVID. This is a very high percentage which we feel does have an accurate representation of how the majority of the population are feeling. 10% said “No” and 7.5% said they “Would prefer not to say”. 

78% of the participants also told us that they find playing video games does improve their mental health. These are very good figures to see as it tells us that many people are enjoying video games while it also is benefiting their mental health and making them overall much happier. If a hobby or pastime can improve your wellbeing then it is important to prioritise it in your day.

We then found that the majority of people who do play video games use it as a distraction from school, work, college, etc as 50% said yes, they do, 30% said sometimes and 20% said no they don’t. It’s always good to have a hobby that you can do to destress from work or school if you feel like it is getting too much. It’s important to have an escape.

In conclusion, the majority of our 40 survey participants have been playing more video games for fun during lockdown and find that it has a positive impact on their mental health. Let us know what you think about these findings. Have you been gaming more throughout the lockdown?

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