Accepted onto the new frontiers programme

Hey Guys,

Big news! We have successfully been accepted onto the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Phase 2 programme! This is huge for us! 😀

This means that we have a small bit of funding so we can start testing our prototype on a larger group of people. It’s so important for us to have disabled gamers as involved in our company as possible and to be leads in designing our controllers. This programme will also help us to accelerate at a incredibly fast pace so we can get our controllers to market ASAP!

It’s been a challenging but fulfilling journey up to this point. It is sometimes hard to convince people of the need of our product and of how important what we are doing really is. But we are so grateful that people are starting to get on board with us. We’d like to thank everyone involved for their support and can’t wait to keep accelerating and building our business over the next 6 months on this incredible programme.

Speak soon,

-ByoWave Team

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